Bali dog meat investigations : Real or Fake?

have tourists really been eating dog meat?

This report by the ABC about dog meat sold to tourists in Bali went viral on facebook…

But perhaps only if your “echo chamber” happens to have friends and family in Perth Australia where Bali is your cheap neighbor; “Australia’s Playground”, they say, has a dirty secret.

In the damning report Lyn White (Animals Australia’s campaign director) claims “Dog meat is essentially filtering into the tourist food chain” and presents some frankly disgusting evidence that dogs are being bludgeoned, strangled or poisoned for human consumption.

The video in the link is enough to make you go Vegan and if you’re triggered by such images don’t scroll down too far on the ABC page either.



Government Investigation

Despite the gruesome detailing of the ABC report looking into the island’s dark dog meat trade, the head of the Department of Animal Husbandry and Health Services, I Putu Sumantra,  announced at the end of June during a public forum in Denpasar that his team has not uncovered any sale of dog meat satay in Bali’s tourist areas. (but of course with tourism figures at stake why would they…..?)

warning: rw = Dog meat

Dog meat is legal in Bali  and some locals even think it is good for their health. Obviously this is disgusting. But more importantly be aware that “RW” signage = Dog Meat. The story may be exaggerated, staged, possibly confined to a certain area but this is one truth we can agree on.

6 ways to help animals in bali

These rules can be applied to just about any holiday but certainly in Bali we need to consider what we eat and where in comes from to stay healthy ourselves and, it would seem, for the well being of local dogs too.