are the maldives on the verge of a terror threat?

A Well-rounded look at the situation

None other than the New York Times has scoopedBreitbartin a story the conservative news-hub was quick to share on facebook for “popcorn” commentary.

Breitbart claims Saudi Arabia backed mosques have been spreading “salifism”, which even wikipediacan agree is “ultra-conservative”, since its independence and democratization in 2008.

 While such rhetoric need be reminded that being ultra-conservative doesn’t make you a terrorist any more than being ultra-christian makes you a good singer. Recent activity in the Maldives (referenced below) seemingly mirrors the “soft launch” of any terror activity; targeting those voices deemed “too free” or critical of the Muslim faith. Charlie Hebdo being the most devastating example, which arguably spurred other more violent attacks throughout Paris, then France, and Europe en masse.

A blogger who frequently satirised the Maldives’ political and religious establishment was been stabbed to death in the capital in April , the third media figure to be targeted in the Indian ocean archipelago in the past five years.

The issue appears to be deep seeded in government policy; “The UN special rapporteur on freedom of expression, David Kaye, has criticised onerous defamation laws introduced by President Abdulla Yameen, and journalists on the islands have warned of an atmosphere of intimidation.” – Guardian

Government Concern

Reading through the scare mongering of this article there are no sources provided and the very last line states: Mr Abeer Ismail, information officer at the Ministry of Tourism, said that as far as he knew, no safety concerns had been raised officially by any resorts.

Islamic Policy Recommendations

In January, the Republic of Maldives’ Islamic Ministry released policy recommendations that included a provision instructing tourism companies to provide visitors with written rules on how to conduct themselves in a Muslim country. – NYT

Eurasia Review

The role of China and India in the island chain with honest, professional insight on the current Islamist situation from * N Manoharan Associate Professor, Department of International Studies and History, Christ University, Bengaluru